An innovative Family

An innovative Family

Ciao! I’m Giada, a young woman farmer and from my family I have not only inherited a farm but a lifestyle. In my project I tried to take the best of the past as the traditions, the passion for the land, good healthy food and take it in the future. I think that my farm is a place where tradition and innovation meet to give to my family and our guests a healthy lifestyle.

When I started the restructuring of my grandfather’s farm I thought to combine the best aspects of his style of peasant life with the “good technology” that distinguishes us in this modern era.

I not alive the tradition as a nostalgic moment of our past and modernization as a loss of values, but I use good technology to improve the quality of my life and tradition to remind me where I came from.

In this spirit, I gave birth to my farm, combining innovation and tradition: photovoltaic solar panels and organic farming, Ipad and chickens, irrigation with recycled rainwater and garden fresh vegetables, energy saving and collecting wild fruits, wifi and healthy food. Thanks to all thesespecial things we won in 2013 the Tuscany Oscar Green, and we was one of three finalists at Italy Oscar Green, competition promoted by Coldiretti to promote the most innovative farms run by young people, which recognized us as one of the first Italian reality of sustainable tourism.

I invite you to visit my farm and to be guests of my farmhouse to live with me and my family the healthy life of the farmer 3.0.

Welcome to “The Ceregne Bio”!


Nonno Armando in the vegetable garden!

Nonno Armando in the vegetable garden!

The Fontana family moved to this farm in 1901 as tenant and in 1923 he bought for 120,000 pounds. The estate included: the main house, outbuildings intended for sharecroppers and about 80 hectares of land.

The family consisted of three brothers Angelo, Domenico married with Domenica, Alessandro married with Santina and the children of the latter Elia, Pio and Giuseppe.

For cultivate the estate they had sharecroppers and service personnel, and cultivated olive trees, grapevines, wheat, barley and forage and bred cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry and farmyard animals.

The only heir to the entire estate was Elia, who in 1912 married grandmother Giulia and between 1913 – 1929 they had eight children: five girls and three boys. In 1951 when the first daughters were married Giulia and Elia decided that was time to entrust the management of the estate to sons Eugenio, Armando and Remigio, while the females gived like a dowry about 500,000 lire each.

Only one of the three sons, nonno Armando, he married nonna Letizia and from their union was born Antonella.

Today the farm is run by Antonella and her daughter Giada, the last descendants of the family Fontana where he currently cultivate olives trees, vines, vegetables, wheat for pasta and keeping poultry and farmyard animals.

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