Archery: school & outdoor range in Tuscany

Archery: school & outdoor range in Tuscany
An exclusive privilege in Italian tourism is our major activity: archery.
It is offered in collaboration with the company 09LUNA “Arcieri Alpe della Luna” (Archers of the Moon Mountain).

We have an archery school for beginners and a regulation run of 24 platforms with three-dimensional outlines of natural wild animals.

The collaboration with the company 09LUNA “Arcieri Alpe della Luna” started in 2000 almost as a game. We were at the beginning of our holiday farm, and the instinctive archery began in those years to be known in our land thanks to the Arcieri Alpe della Luna. We were one of the first, if not the first farm in Italy to invest in this sport, creating immediately a school training camp where to hold lessons and courses for beginners and a parcour in the woods for the more experienced. Thanks to the profitable collaboration with the Arcieri Alpe della Luna, in a few years we have become an Italian reference point for those who practice this sport, many are the archers who choose our farm as a destination for their holidays, including some national and international champions their arrows shot in our parkour. Every year we organize competitions valid for the Italian championship and friendly competiotions to spend funny days with our archers friends!

Having the field at home, how could we not become archers? Right from the start we are passionate about this sport, especially Giada who in 2008 became a Fiarc (Italian Federation of Shooting with Traditional Bow) instructor.

The paths and the school field are registered to FIARC (Italian Federation of Shooting with Traditional Bow) and are open all year round.

We have also an area with targets where we organise courses with qualified teachers, and provide all the necessary equipment.

You can ask for a course at time of  reservation or at the reception of the agriturismo when you arrive.

Traing camp for beginners

The school and training camp is made up of targets and small 3D animals and is mainly intended for lectures and instinctive shooting courses and pre Parcour warmup. The agriturismo, in collaboration with the instructors of the 09LUNA company, organizes for beginners lessons and archery courses providing all the necessary equipment (bow, quiver, arrows) for the initiation to this discipline. The lessons and archery courses can be group or individual.

Are you a beginner and want to try archery? Come and visit us for lessons or a course, our instructor Fiarc Giada is at your disposal to let you discover this fascinating sport!

Parcour with 3d targets

The archer who comes to our farm finds an ideal environment for archery, the paths are immersed in a forest of oaks, with technical shots uphill, downhill and open field. Our paths are suitable for all types of arch: recurved bow, historical bow, longbow and compound, the shots are beautiful and technical and for those who do not go to target there are the natural protection or target protections for the easy finding of the arrows.

The parkour is made up of 24 pitches with rules and distances from the Fiarc Round 3D and has been designed to form a semi-circle so that the first pitch and the last one have the farm as a starting point and arrival point. The path is a pleasant walk in our woods, the distances between a pitch and the other are short and the shots are drawn according to the conformity of the terrain: ascent, descent, long shots in open field and shadows that create plays of light for the more experienced. The route is appreciated both by beginners and experts for the variety of shots and for the ease of orientation.

Competiotion for Tuscan championship and frindly competitions

In collaboration with the 09LUNA company we organize valid competiotons for the Tuscan championship, for the Italian championship and friendly competiotions.

Send us an e-mail to know the dates of our races.


Area with target Free
3D Parkour with 24 platforms (adults and teens) 7,00 Euro per day, free for weekly stay
3D Parkour with 24 platforms (children) 5,00 Euro per day, free for weekly stay
Archery school with qualified teacher Fiarc
(included equipment)
20,00 Euro per person

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