Archery: school & outdoor range in Tuscany

Archery: school & outdoor range in Tuscany
An exclusive privilege in Italian tourism is our major activity: archery.

It is offered in collaboration with the company 11LUNA “Arcieri Alpe della Luna” (Archers of the Moon Mountain).

We have an archery school for beginners and a regulation run of 24 platforms with three-dimensional outlines of natural wild animals.

The archery school and the 24 platforms are affiliates at FIARC (Italian Federation of Country Archery) and are open year round.

We have also an area with targets where we organise courses with qualified teachers, and provide all the necessary equipment.

You can ask for a course at time of  reservation or at the reception of the agriturismo when you arrive.


Area with target Free
3D area with 24 platforms (adults and teens) 7,00 Euro
3D area with 24 platforms (children) 5,00 Euro
Archery school with qualified teacher Fiarc
(included equipment)
16,00 Euro per person