Culinary school and cooking classes

Culinary school and cooking classes
Our culinary school and chooking classes are designed to convey the knowledge of healthy fresh ingredients and their use in recipes from Tuscany tradition.

Giada will guide you through the recognition of the “real” ingredients and how to combine them to get the Italian dishes that speak of our land and Tuscan traditions throughout the four seasons.

All the meals we will prepare are fresh, local and seasonal. Between April and October, we will begin each of our cooking classes in the garden where we will choose the fresh vegetables and friuts, then we’ll jump over to the hen house to collect the eggs before finally returning to the kitchen, where the meats and cheeses from local farms (selected by our chef) will be waiting for cook easy italian recipes.

What awaits you at a farmhouse cooking class? A warm and friendly atmosphere with many smiles, an experienced chef who has created his own way of life from tradition, loads of recipes that have been handed down for centuries from mother to daughter, healthy and wholesome ingredients, chitchat with a good glass of wine in hand and the desire of sharing good food with friends.

Our Cooking Course & Vacation package includes 3, 4 and 7 night accommodation in the cozy apartments and rooms of our organic farmhouse.
The cooking classes are scheduled in the morning and are followed by the lunch with the food you cooked personally during the lessons.
The afternoons are free to discover the authenticunforgettable Arezzo area.

Our cooking school are aimed at anyone who likes to cook and eat healthily, with simple and tasty Italian recipes – beginner to expert, young and old.


Cooking Course & Vacation program


In the morning Giada, our cooking teacher, will guide you through the recognition of the “real” ingredients and the different aspects of the Tuscan kitchen, Leda sharing with you her cooking secrets and teaching you new flavors. You will explore differents kinds of dishes with typical ingredients and techniques from Italian cuisine. In the class you will use our organic products: extra virgin olive oil, fruit and vegetables from the garden and the eggs of our chicken. The lesson is followed by a fantastic lunch with the dishes prepared, along with the Chianti wine produced from Nonno Armando in our farm!
In the afternoon you will have free time to visit the ancient and artistic Tuscan towns or to enjoy the peaceful and the view of our farmhouse. In our agriturismo you will find all the useful information about art, museum, old towns, maps of the area, guided tours and festivals.

We also organise customised courses, courses for individual participants, as well as vegetarian and vegan courses by request.


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