Horse riding in Tuscany farmhouse

Horse riding in Tuscany farmhouse

The farm holiday Le Ceregne, in collaboration with the school  “Associazione Helios”, organises horseback riding instruction for beginners.

Horse trekking is also available.

Horse trekking allows the riders to blend with the peaceful harmony of the surrounding landscape and to enjoy unforgettable moments communicating with nature.

Our exquisite Tuscan landscape offers guests moments of breathtaking exhilaration.

On your journey, whether walking or riding, guests can view sites of historical importance: the Roman and Longobarda epochwalk and the paths crossed by St. Francis are just a few of the endless sites you can see.

  • We organize walking tours for either 2 hours or an entire day.

Trekking with your own horse

For guests who love exploring with their own horse, our agriturismo is situated on a central hill with a panoramic view of the Valtiberina Toscana (Tiber Valley). The spectacular nature of the views will make your experience memorable forever.

From Farmhouse Le Ceregne, you have the opportunity to partake in walks and trekking of various lengths and difficulties. The agriturismo is in the center of runs previously delineated by the CAI “transumanza”. Following the maps is easy and makes horse trekking ideal.

For groups, we can also organize trekking with guides.

At the end of the trekking experience you will find a place to rest your horse as well as a prepared table to enjoy a picnic.

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