Km zero products for a sustainable tourism in Tuscany

Km zero products for a sustainable tourism in Tuscany
Our green philosophy is also  ’green’ because we buy natural local products (km zero) like cheeses and typical Tuscan salamito make your experience genuine and local!

Anything we don’t produce ourselves comes from agricultural companies registered to the Campagna Amica for Tuscany Flavours. We were glad to join this organization in order to guarantee the ongoing quality of the products that we use.

We respect and believe in enogastronomy values!


Le Ceregne is part of the “Path of Tuscany Flavours” and offers, to those who love typical Italian products and tastings, several tours such as a tasting at the olive oil mills, or visits to nearby wine cellars. Our preference in the area is the Chianti wine cellars and tasting tours of typical local ripe products like cheese and salami.

We organise cooking classes too, where you can experience and learn, in our culinary school, traditional Tuscan dishes, using our own products or km O food.

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