Tovaglia a Quadri Anghiari Tuscany

Tovaglia a Quadri Anghiari Tuscany
A unique evening of food, theater and tradition. You will be immersed in a two-hour show where the diner is an active member of the theater scene. This is Tovaglia a Quadri Anghiari Tuscany!

Tovaglia a Quadri Anghiari Tuscany

The “Tovaglia a Quadri” is an amazing play in 4 courses staged in Piazza del Poggiolino of Anghiari in the two weeks around mid-August. Every year the inhabitants of the old town of Anghiari become actors for two weeks they stage the traditions and innovations of the small Tuscan town. Among dialect jokes, vanished traditions and memories of times gone by, the Poggiolino square comes alive of its inhabitants and the many tourists having dinner await the theatrical staging. Actors so talented and spontaneous at times and improvise dialogue with the public, so that the boundary between reality and fiction transcends in every sentence. A unique experience where diners discover and rediscover what the Tiber Valley was and still is, people and places famous for the local habitants back to life in a mixture of memory of what we were and what we have become proud.┬áTovaglia a Quadri Anghiari Tuscany is a nice revival for local patrons and an evening of true Tuscan folklore for tourists!


The Tovaglia a Quadri Anghiari Tuscany La Tovaglia a Quadri Anghiari Toscana awaits you next August in the Piazzetta del Poggiolino, a tragicomic story where reality and fantasy come together to cheer a typical Tuscan dinner: laughter and good food will unfold the story staged this summer 2019!

Tovaglia a Quadri Anghiari Tuscany

Do not miss the appointment with the folklore and the tradition of our tuscany land!

To learn more view the dedicated to Tovaglia a Quadri Anghiari Tuscany page with the latest news on the show:

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