Mount Fumaiolo: source of the Tiber river

Mount Fumaiolo: source of the Tiber river

Discover the antique Tiber river path, from its source in Tuscany.

The river Tiber rises from Mount Fumaiolo, on the border between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. It runs through the Valtiberina for its first miles, before entering the region of Umbria and flowing down towards Rome and the Tirreno Sea. This river was used by the Romans to send timber down to Rome, but it was also an essential resource for the Etruscan populations, who settled down numerous villages on its banks. Today, the Tiber is the main tributary river for Lake Montedoglio.

The sources of the river Tiber are not far from the holiday farmhouse. After a short trip by car, you can climb up to the source and have a drink of the fresh water gushing out from under the rocks.


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