Sustainable tourism in Tuscany: do you want to join us?

Sustainable tourism in Tuscany: do you want to join us?
Look after the earth on your Tuscany holiday, by following the eco-tourism path – working toward sustainability for generations to come.


Sustainable tourism in Tuscany: do you want to join us?

Eco_Vectors_by_t6tTourism is one of the biggest industries in the world, but have you ever stopped the wonder about the impact it has on the places we love to visit? The old saying “take only memories, leave nothing but footprints” becomes much harder to live up to when you start considering the carbon impact of a holiday overseas. But, with a little extra research, you can find ways to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a holiday which minimises your impact on the natural environment. Just as consumers have begun to look after their impact, so have the owners of luxury accommodation.

In Tuscany, the farmers who own agriturismi (farmhouses which offer accommodation) give back to the land by cultivating it with fruits and vegetables and consuming natural products like homemade wine and olive oil. By using ‘km 0’ products, you can enjoy the beautiful Tuscan countryside while keeping it preserved for the many visitors to come.

This is true sustainable living. After all, why shouldn’t we all enjoy it?

Apart from helping to keep these beautiful locations around for centuries to come, a green holiday is just better for you. Fruits and vegetables are fresh from the premises and taste great. You can rest assured that you’re getting the very best products straight from the ground and there are no harmful preservatives or air pollution to spoil the crop. It can be difficult in our busy lives to practise an ethical, sustainable lifestyle – but in the serenity of Tuscany’s Valtiberina, you can make the most of what the peaceful, quiet countryside has to offer and do your part for the planet at the same time.
solar_panelThe best Tuscan agriturismi, like Le Ceregne BIO, help you to take a green holiday by powering their farmhouse with solar panels, recycled water and sustainable farming techniques. Next time you’re planning to go away, try to plan a ‘green holiday’ and find yourself accommodation which does the right thing for the planet.

Sustainable tourism in Tuscany: do you want to join us?

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