The antique fair Arezzo Italy: Fiera antiquaria in Arezzo

The antique fair Arezzo Italy: Fiera antiquaria in Arezzo

The Antiques Fair Arezzo Italy (or Antiques Market) is held on the first Sunday of the month,  12 months of the year. It offers visitors to Arezzo, in Tuscany, a good compromise between a typical vintage market and an antiques fair. Here, you can find at great prices: antique furniture, antique clocks, modern, ancient objects as varied as porcelain, mirrors and jewelry, as well as vintage clothing and deco design.

The antique fair Arezzo Italy: Fiera antiquaria in Arezzo


The ancient Tuscan city of Arezzo, with its Roman ruins, medieval walls, Renaissance architecture and incomparable Piero della Francesca murals, has always been a magnet for art lovers. But on the first weekend of every month, when its Piazza Grande is filled with a motley collection of ramshackle furniture, musty paintings and stained silverware, it is a lodestone for connoisseurs, bargain hunters and junk dealers as well.Paul Hoffman, The New York Times.


About the Antiques Fair of Arezzo

In 1968, thanks to the initiative of the antique dealer and collector Ivan Bruschi, the Antique Fair of Arezzo was the first of its antiques-fair-arezzo_3kind to be established in Italy. It’s held regularly every month and over the years has grown in size and reputation.
There are now 500 vendors from across the country selling their goods at the market, which is visited by as many as 30,000 customers.
The hunting can even start the evening before market day, when deals can be done even as items are being unpacked.
Thanks to the market’s success shops, local craftsmen, and art restorers of the town have increased considerably; in fact, today in Arezzo there are over 100 antique shops, a figure which in thirty years of Antique Fair has almost increased ten-fold – in 1968 the dealers were no more than 15.
In Arezzo the supply is extremely varied, and sufficient to satisfy even the most demanding collectors and art-lovers.
Hours: 8 am to 8 pm

Our Arezzo Antiques Fair Tour

Cortona (5)With this tour you will discover two gems of our province: Cortona and Arezzo. We first stop in Cortona for a guided visit of the town. Thanks to its position on the top of a hill Cortona offers a breathtaking view over the Valdichiana valley. This lovely village, now world-famous as the setting of the best-seller “Under the Tuscan sun”, is the perfect place for a leisure stop and also boasts a glorious past: founded by the Etruscans in the 7° cen. B.C., Cortona gives you the chance of making a journey through the mysteries of the ancient civilization which constitutes the roots of Tuscan culture. You will have lunch in one of the fantastic “trattoria” of the city centre tasting some of the typical Tuscan dishes. After lunch, we will move to Arezzo to visit a winery and taste a great wine from a nice farm with a panoramic view of the town. We finally reach the city centre to enjoy the antique fair. The alleys of the town are dotted with many stands and the atmosphere is unique!

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The antique fair Arezzo Italy: Fiera antiquaria in Arezzo

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